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The process

We provide the SWIFT Shared Infrastructures for SWIFT Connectivity and Messaging for any customer/User who required to be connected with the highly secured Global SWIFT Network for interbank financial telecommunications.

The prospect required to contact us on Help Desk by an e-mail request to the [email protected], [email protected] stating the scope/details of the required SWIFT connectivity and services. Our team will contact and guide you through the entire process until the required SWIFT connectivity is established.

Formal documents such as Business Registration, Details of the Directors, Nature of Business, and details of current operation are mandatory to share with us.

The SWIFT connectivity and services provided by LFSB will be governed by a SLA which is based upon the SWIFT General Terms & Conditions which control the use of the SWIFT services and products to SWIFT Customers (SWIFT Users, SWIFT Partners and Service Bureaux) and SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Policy.)

LFSBL strictly adhered to the guidelines of the SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Program specified by SWIFT. SWIFT annually conducts an audit to check the compliance level to the standards specified and certify the qualified SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Providers.

LFSBL is a SWIFT Shared Infrastructure and certified by SWIFT under the ‘Standard Operational Practice’ label SIPv1 in 2013, SIPv2 in 2016, SIPv3 in 2018, SIPv4 in 2019 and SIPv5 in 2020.

LFSBL listed among the Asia Pacific certified Shared Infrastructures. Please follow the below link for the details.

The process